1 Singer,

1 Saxophonist,

2 DJ’s

DUOLOGIC is the combination of the unique talents of vocalist, Natalie Conway and Saxophonist, Mark Matthews.

Spontaneously creating hooks and melodies live on the spot, DUOLOGIC have a rare ability to seamlessly fuse the voice and sax together, creating a well known song over the house track played by the DJ.  With their huge repertoire of songs filed away in their heads, they are able to instantly create live mash-ups in the most original, unexpected and creative way, much to the audience’s great delight!

Adept at pleasing all ages, DUOLOGIC keeps the performance content appropriate to the venue or event, their charm, energy and passion ensuring a stand out performance every time.

DUOLOGICS’ repertoire includes everything from current commercial releases to house classics, jazz standards and everything in between.  Always performed with effortless perfection, all live… no auto-tune… nothing but the real deal.

At the helm of DUOLOGIC is the fearless Natalie Conway. Expect the unexpected with Natalie. The golden girl with the powerful voice that defies her small frame, as demonstrated on The X Factor in 2015, she leaves frenzied audiences hypnotized in her wake. Recognizable by her distinctive sultry tone, her vocal ability encompasses past eras of Soul and Jazz, infused with a sweeter taste of more modern RnB and Pop.

Natalie began performing live with DJ’s in Sydney’s club scene, spontaneously creating vocal hooks and melodies on the spot. With her huge repertoire of songs filed away in her head, she is able to instantly create live mash-ups in the most original, unexpected and creative way, much to her audience’s great delight.

Throughout her career, Natalie has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business including The Black Eyed Peas, The Presets, Sneaky Sound System, MGMT and many more. More recently, she was asked by global brand Hed Kandi to come on board as one of the resident vocalists and enjoys performing at numerous Hed Kandi events throughout Australia.

Travelling the world wowing crowds with her soaring voice, has been just one of many highlights in her extensive career so far, performing in numerous clubs and festivals throughout Australia as well as South America, Europe, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the USA.



These mixes are a curation of songs that merely scratch the surface of the available repertoire to you. They are live mixed (not pre-made), and will give you an idea of the versatility I have to offer – without any limitation, enabling your awareness to the endless musical possibilities and combinations you can bring to your event.

Excellent for networking and low-impact events. Subtle. Classy.

Bring something different to your bar. Funky. Upbeat

Perfect for product launches, gallery openings. Fun. Vibrant.